Rehabilitation – Day 351

After a long & hard day at school today I was up & ready to go to the gym to take my pent up energy out on the equipment.

As a thought, I messaged my training buddy Edgie to see if he was free and wanted to go to the gym with me – to my surprise he said yes and we went for a play on the equipment. (It was his first time in the gym for years and although he was out of his comfort zone, he did work hard at my torture routine for him – Well Done Mate!!

We did the Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge – only 20mins but that was enough for him for a first attempt. Then we played with the different weight machines and did some Wall Squats, Balance Ball exercises. Rowing Machine and then as a treat for him – the Treadmill. By this time he was tired but got his second wind and began to show his running endurance by doing more than me, at a faster pace too.

After we had finished I had my January Results recorded by Mark McGrath and a photo taken to confirm my results – cheers Mark #Shredders


Since Mid-Nov I have lost 15kgs in weight and same see the results much clearer now.

At home I have also just completed the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge – #optC
Pilates -Opposite Arm and leg reaches Strengthens the back and core – and then taking the rest of the night off. My #fitbit STEPS total today is 20,000+ so far too.


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