Rehabilitation – Day 350

Done it and still going strong – my 350th day of blogging about my recovery and I have enjoyed completing it – sharing my failures & successes, my highs & lows. But most importantly reading back over the time I have blogged.

To celebrate I have again completed the #Shredders Club Challenge for the past month, completed the #teacher5aday5kchallenge, and now the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenges.

Tonight it was Mark’s class, our 4th week at striving for better things in fitness & health. What a great group of people and I’m looking forward to starting the next month of challenges. Thanks to Mark McGrath and the others.

Our 60mins session was broken down into sessions of HIITs exercises and some fun competitive games, that brought out the ‘Winning Mentality’ in all of us. After a few photographs of us exercising it was time to relax and recover from another hard session.

To finish off the night for me would mean that I had to do the Day 3 #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge of #BringSallyDown – Squat Challenge at home. Ouch it did hurt and I am now stretching on the floor whilst using the foam roller.

Now I’m just shattered.



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