Rehabilitation – Day 348

The start of a new month means the start of another fitness challenge for me and fresh targets/goals to aim for.


I have been roped into joining the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge with a group of twitter friends across the country. We completed the #teacher5aday5kchallenge yesterday and it had great results for many of those  involved and lots of fun too.

Tonight it was Mark’s HIITs session as part of the #Goodfellasfitness group – 60mins of pure pain and draining exercises that dont give you an opportunity to recover completely between rotations. Mark make’s sure he also motivates the members to give 100% as often as possible. (Being competitive also means that I don’t like being beaten either.)


After we had finished the session I came home and did the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge – Option B – the SHEPARD Workout. But I only managed to do the 15mins level 1 session tonight because I am so shattered. I have even surpassed my daily 10,000 Fitbit Steps today – currently 21,000+ Steps at this moment.

Tomorrow will be another session at the gym – followed by Day 2 of the fit feb challenge.


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