Rehabilitation – Day 347

I took a little bit of advice from Mark McG after Alison’s Circuit Class – and had a few days off. Mainly because Friday night I was shattered and on Saturday I was going out to a Music Gig with colleagues. To be honest, I think the rest did me a favour and I caught up with some much needed rest & recovery – aching legs muscles but still completing in my #FitBit STEPS daily challenges.


So today was an opportunity to complete my #teacher5aday5kchallenge for January with a mega effort and a new fresh start tomorrow – #teacher5adayfitfeb February Challenge.

I went and did my tried and tested Cardio Challenge – the 60mins STATIC BIKE Hill Climbing Challenge, completing 54.19km in that time, which isn’t my best but still a tremendous achievement according to Mark McG. (He said he didn’t know how I managed it and was impressed.)



After a little chat with Mark McG in the gym I was telling him about the start of the #teacher5adayfitfeb challenge and asked him to take a photo of my 1st attempt at doing the splits in a few years – a little taster of the Yoga/Gymnastic elements of the February Challenge.

Although I can do the splits, it has been a little while since I did it, so this wasn’t a bad effort for a few mins stretching. Just means that I will be doing a lot more stretching over the next challenge.


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