Rehabilitation – Day 344

After 2 forced ‘Rest Days’ due to tiredness & a late night in school, I managed to get to the gym tonight – Alison’s 45mins Circuit Training Class. As usual she stuck some of the easier weights in for the other members of the class and my heavier weights for me – yippee!!

The class was quite hard to be honest, but I still went ‘all guns blazing’ with the effort and my attempts at increasing my number of reps per exercise.


I took my normal approach of making the others laugh during the class – telling them that the exercises are just the ‘warm-up’ and that Alison was intending to put more difficulties into the next exercise – lol.  (I even put a much heavier weight into one of the exercises, and removing the lighter weight. This made sure that one of the others actually used it – he wasn’t too pleased when he found out what I did and that he was the only one to use it!!  So during the next rotation I used the same weight and showed him it was easy – ish.)

After the session I went home and did some foam roller work – to relax my knees/legs from the aches of tonight.

Now it is just time for me to have a few hours to rest and recover watching the TV.


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