Rehabilitation – Day 340

A bit of a restless night meant a disturbed sleep. That wasn’t too much of a problem as I was intending to have a lay in bed this morning. Trouble was that I stayed in bed 2 hours longer than I had originally planned – putting me out of sequence with my arrangements.

Eventually I was sorted and had completed my list of chores to do before going into Liverpool to Referee my WPL game of football. I had been looking forward to this game for a few weeks, ever since my previous match was called off due to flooding. Silly this but I get all psyched up to do a match, early night – no alcohol or extra training, only to be disappointed at the games being postponed.


But today’s game was fine, the pitch a little soggy & muddy but still playable. I inspected the pitch and gave it the all clear and then met with Club Secretaries – the away team was from the North East and had a difficult journey traveling down.

To be fair the score did not reflect a fair and fairly competitive game – with the home team winning quite convincingly – going by the result. Both teams fought hard to achieve their best and I enjoyed a little bit of ‘Banter’ from a few of the players too.

On purely a selfish perspective for me, I ran for the majority of the game – not quite end to end, but still non stop and I covered 13.58km & over 17000+STEPS according to my #FitBit. Although I wasn’t as fast as I used to be – speed being a weakness at the moment and I have the ‘Turning Circle’ of a ‘Giant Tanker’ ….  I still managed to keep up with play for the main incidents and decisions.


My journey home was one of stiffness, aches & pains as I tried to do some gentle stretching before I completely stiffened up. The Hot Lobster Bath was a welcomed release for my knees/legs and I soaked for a fair bit of time.

Tomorrow is back to the usual HIITs Sessions with Mark McG & the @GoodFellasFitness group – plus the added pressure of our weekly weigh-in. Yep that will hopefully show some more weight loss – fingers crossed.


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