Rehabilitation – Day 339

Well  I must say that I enjoyed today’s #WidnesParkRun with Edgie, Mark, Sue & Adam – a great effort by all of us. (Sue completed her 1st ever 5km run with the help of Mark, Adam improved his PB by 3mins+ and Edgie was my running buddy to improve my #ParkRun Time too.)

The Before & After Photos:


As it was the #WidnesParkRun 1st anniversay it was very busy and we found that they had reversed the course to celebrate it. That meant the run included the hill area at the beginning, instead of at the end. There was 316+ runners that also completed the run too, which was a great turnout for the day. Although my #ParkRun Time was recorded as 31mins 28secs – my actual time recorded on my #FitBit was 30mins 52secs – either way I was pleased with the time.

The remainder of the day has been spent doing a little bit of shopping/bill paying and watching a great game of football on TV. Tonight I intend to just chill and relax my aching legs ready for me Refereeing tomorrow afternoon.





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