Rehabilitation – Day 337

Lovely restful sleep last night after Mark’s HIITs Session, which meant I was fairly recovered and ready for tonight’s Circuit Training Class with Alison – she is getting meaner in her approach too.


In her class tonight she added a few more new exercises – for me anyway, and I tried my best at completing them. (Scissors Skier was harder than it looked too.) However, as usual Alison introduced some of the heavier weights for me to use – giving me a giggle when trying to sustain the exercise for the full time period. When doing the wall squat I added the kettle bell weight and pretended I was driving the car – she told me off for messing about but I was still doing the exercise.


I must admit that for some of the exercises in the METAFIT – HIITs – CIRCUIT TRAINING – I do find it hard to get the ‘explosive’ reaction from my knees, as they tend to feel stiff for a short time and then I get too tired to be ‘explosive’ in doing the exercise. I must need to build up the strength in my knees in order to increase my power & speed.

Tomorrow will be my 4th strengthening session this week and although I am still feeling tired, I am most definitely looking forward to doing it too – Mark’s HIITs Session look out cos here I come.


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  1. madeupteacher · January 21, 2016

    Whoa! Alison sounds like she means business! Enjoy your HIIT šŸ˜Š

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