Rehabilitation – Day 334

Wow!!!  What a long and busy few days just gone by.

Thursday night at the gym was at Alison’s Circuit Training Session and a chance to meet up with Derek, (her Dad), again since before Christmas. She did her usual multi-level exercises that test the others and then me too with heavier weights. After that had finished I went home and had a hot bath and an early night – was shattered.

Friday ended up being a ‘Rest Day’ because I was cold, wet and feeling rough after taking 30 kids to a local sports event – and we got drenched on the walk back to school.

Saturday morning was the 1st anniversary of the #WidnesParkRun and we had a small group of us from the #goodfellasfitness group intending to run in it, Unfortunately due to the poor weather and icy footpaths, they cancelled it. This meant a trip to the gym and a 5km run of the treadmill. (I managed to beat the 30mins barrier by completing the run in 29mins 57secs.)


Sunday resulted in a ‘Sofa Day’ because I was feeling really rough again and didn’t leave the house. I just stayed in the warm and did my school work, managing to get another early (ish) night in bed again.

Tonight it is weigh-day at the #goodfellasfitness group session with Mark McG and the other members. I’m hoping to have lost at least 1kg over the past week to keep me on target for the month.


I have kept up with my #FitBit STEPS every day – averaging about 15k/17k each day. This is keeping my active during the day in school and helps to top up my weekly totals.


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