Rehabilitation – Day 329

‘Happy Anniversary’ to Neil the knee – this time 6 months ago I was in hospital after having the surgery earlier in the day. The time now seems to have flown by but the 1st 4 months just dragged and dragged. Once I was able to go back to the gym and start training I can say the time went much quicker. I have now been back at work for about 10 weeks and still feel a bit tired at the end of the day – then I just go training.

Tonight I finished another long day and then traveled home to get ready for the gym. It was another #GoodFellasFitness session with Mark McG and the group – HIITS & a few additional exercises using the weights too. As usual it was a ‘beasting’ by Mark and as usual – I enjoyed it too!!

A quick trip out of the gym to home was in order so that I get back in time to watch the football and then my Hot Lobster Bath – chillaxing times …


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