Rehabilitation – Day 325

Had a really busy week at work and training so not had much time to update the blog.

Have been looking at the time frame for this too – almost 6months since having surgery and coming up to 12weeks since starting training too. It’s been a long but strange journey back to basic fitness – in some forms of exercise.

Exercising – on the Treadmill & Static Bike is much easier than I expected and I quite enjoy the Hill Climbing on the bike. The Classes in the gym – METAFIT & CIRCUIT Training are more of a challenge and it takes a bit longer to recover from my aches and pains in my knees/muscles.

I did Mark G’s Metafit Class on Monday and it was a heavy focus on the legs/knees so I struggled to get to the gym on Tuesdau – having to take a forced ‘Rest Day’ instead – still managed to do my 10000+ STEPS on my Fitbit.

Wednesday was the start of some Personal Training with Mark McGrath, in his ‘GoodfellasFitness’ group – there are more Ladies than Men at the moment but it still was a challenge for me. Mark McG is using HiiTs in the sessions for a greater challenge – I do like challenges.

(At the end of Mark’s session I was shattered but still went and added another 15mins Hill Climbing on the Static Bike – 14km distance covered.) This meant that another late night in school on Thursday was making me miss another gym session – just as well really because I was in agony with my leg/knee muscles again. Again I did my 15000+ STEPS on the Fitbit during the day.

Friday was the expected ‘Rest Day’ for me knowing that I was aiming to do a #Parkrun on Saturday – still achieved the 15000+ STEPS again.

Today I got up early enough to go to the Widnes Parkrun and went with another gym member – Adam. The weather today wasn’t the best – Wind, Rain and most definitely not the best for running. But we did it and I wasn’t too disappointed with my time for the 5km run under 31mins 20secs on the results published.

The rest of the morning was to do a little bit of Foam Roller work to ease the stiffness in my muscles – I even had a little power nap before going for a late ‘Cooked Breakfast’ as my week’s training treat.

Tonight is going to be spent chilling and doing some school work/watching TV.


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