Rehabilitation – Day 319

Lovely lay in bed this morning, eventhough I set the alarm to go off so I could get up and go for a run. It went off as expected but then I realised it was my last sleep in until next weekend – so rolled over and played dead for another hour.

After eventually getting up I went over to the local shop and bought the newspaper to read with my breakfast – my weekend routine being kept up. Breakfast, cup of tea and a chilled read of the sports pages makes for a good start to the day.

Now it was time to do the run – another 5km I had in my mind. Three runs in 3 days would definitely take it’s toll on my legs but I still intended on doing it. Outside the weather was absolutely pouring down and bouncing off the floor – there it was my excuse not to do it!! Yeah right, as if I would let a bit of water prevent me from going out. So off I went and got myself drenched right through.

NB – A fashion Faux Pas for today was my wearing of charcoal grey shorts, which when wet made it look like I had had an accident before I got to the toilet…..  I hadn’t though!!

Time today for the 5km was 31mins 38secs – a bit slower than the previous 2 runs, but never the less another run completed. I did actually intend to run slower and try to just get more distance in my legs. At the moment time is not a focus, as I know I can go faster and the times are 30mins-32mins regularly.

Tonight is the last night off before returning to school tomorrow – then we will see just how difficult it will be to keep the running up.



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