Rehabilitation – Day 318

Up and  out early this morning to do my parkrun 5km. Was feeling tired when I got up and had stiffness in my leg muscles.


On top of all that it was very wet, windy & cold. My time for today was slower than yesterday’s 5km but still not too bad for me – 31mins 02secs.


Quick trip home to get dry and changed before going to the gym to finish today’s session. Mark G (Duty PT) was in today and we had a chat about the New Year.

I decided to go and do the Static Bike Change – Hill Climbing as my main cardio activity. Focusing on keeping the pace reasonably high for the 30mins duration. I completed 26.00km again today, but felt I was more tired than usual – about 2.26km slower than my previous best.


To finish off in the gym I did a 3km run on the treadmill. Starting off at 9.0 pace for 2km ( about 6mins 40secs per 1km), before I gradually increased the pace upto 13.0 for the last 400m of the 3rd km. The total time for the run was 19mins. And that was enough for me!!


Home, quick shower and then chilling for the afternoon.


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