Rehabilitation – Day 317

First and foremost a Happy New Year to everyone. I am starting the Year of 2016 in an unusual position, compared to the previous 2 years, I am not seriously injured – YEAH!!

Today is the start of the #teacher5aday5kchallenge  – the month of January to achieve new goals – starting at 5km – run/walk/row/cycle/jog/swim – or any other method of exercising. For me it is down to running as much as I can over the next 4 weeks.

A call to arms to my training buddy – Edgie, and we are on our way. The local 5km route that we have done so many times over the years is the baseline I am going to use. I did the course 3 weeks ago with him and took 32mins 20secs so I was hoping to be close to that. Set my end of January target time as being sub 30mins.


Off we went at what seemed like a slow but steady pace. I noticed that my running style has significantly altered over the course of my recovery period. I felt that my stride was shorter and that I was slapping my feet on the floor as I ran. (In my head too, I was concerned about the uneven running surface, feeling that my knees would be jarred or even worse – injured again.)

Focusing on where I placed my feet for each stride, I completed the run in some discomfort – no pain in the knees, more like aches in my legs and muscles. My breathing was fine, I was just starting to get sweaty and a dry mouth. I knew I could have done a better time, but as yet had not actually checked my time.

I was very pleased when I checked the time – 30mins 12secs for the course. I had knocked off 2mins 08secs from the last run time – that felt really good too. But now I have a problem again – a good problem though. I will have to re-set my end of month target time to under 28mins.


For the rest of the day I am just going to use the Foam Rollers and maybe a gentle stroll around my local area, just to chill and increase my STEPS on the fitbit.

I will also log my results on the #teacher5aday5kchallenge and see if any others have made good progress today.


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