Rehabilitation – Day 314

Got up this morning ready for an early gym session and had a bit of good news. I was selling a Cross-Trainer that I hadn’t used and was just taking up space in my front room. (More money to go in my Boys Toys Fund Pot.)

Then it was off to the gym for me and my training session – I did several different activities this time and felt good.Treadmill – Fitness Test.    This is the 12 minutes Walking/Gradual Climbing activity that records your submax VO2 and fitness levels. My results:    A SubMaxVO2 of 51.3% which is a fitness level of SUPERIOR .


Next I did the Static Bike Challenge – Hill Climbing for 30 minutes on level 5. I achieved a New PB for the short challenge of 27.62km (an increase of 400m.)


I then did some weight training and Foam Roller work – Wall Squats with weights, Knee extensions, Balance Ball & with weights, Piriformis stretches, Superman Plank exercises and a few other exercises for my lower ABS.

and this was only Gym Session Number 1.

Well now after a few hours rest and some food intake, I entered the arena of the gym for the 2nd time today – boy was I feeling achy too.

I was talking to Alison  (PT), as she was on duty tonight. Then Jody – a fellow gym member came in too. So I challenged her to do the Static Bike Challenge – Hill Climb with me. Give her credit, she accepted the challenge and off we started – on ’30 minutes of Hell’ she said afterwards. I fibbed to her saying that 27km was the lowest level of distance to achieve – that would really be pushing her. Eventually we completed a distance of 28.26km within the 30mins and yet another New PB.


Afterwards it was some more ABS work, Piriformis stretching exercises, Russian Twists, Weights and Wall Squats with weights;

CXae-WbWAAATsr2.jpg large

I even managed to do extra Balance Board exercises – 6 minutes of standing tall & squats without getting off – that did hurt!!28759_thumb_Yoga-Wobble-Board_300x350_jpg

Now that I have finished for the night, I have just logged my #Fitbit data and these are the results for the #DecemeberChallenges:

 Day 29:
Challenge 1 = 494000k+ Steps or 99% of Target 500,000 STEPS
Challenge 2 = 765km or 191% of Target 400km Distance

I have 2 days to do 6000 STEPS to achieve Target 1 and 35km to Double Target 2.

Feeling so proud of being so close to beating both Targets – it hasn’t been easy either.




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