Rehabilitation – Day 313

Happy Anniversary to my left knee – injured exactly 1 year ago today. What’s more, is that I have so far survived a third consecutive Christmas with a serious injury.

Up early this morning and a trip to the gym for my Static Bike Challenge – Hill Climbing for 60mins and completing 54.01km in that time period.

index0000 1916823_10153186696761196_5524363883088915273_n

I got to use my new blue-tooth earphones that Zak bought me for Christmas – quality was very good too.


Wished both Dave & Mark McG (PT) from the gym a good festive holiday and then off home I went for some chill time watching TV.

Just before I had my tea I went for another 5km Walk – not too much pace but still increased my STEPS total.

#DecemberChallenges: Day 28

December Challenge 1 = 472000k+ Steps or 94% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 709km or 177% of Target 400km Distance

(Early recording of data)

3 Days left of the Challenge



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