Rehabilitation – Day 312

Well done to me this morning for getting motivated enough to go to the gym and train just as hard as ever!!  Well impressed with myself too.

Dave (PT) was on duty today and we had a little chat about how we had spent our Christmas break. I then went and did my Static Bike – Alpine Pass – Hill Climbing Challenge, but only 45mins this time. I was looking to see if I could improve my best before extending the time to the full 60mins – but sadly was feeling tired after the past 2 days previous training.

So today’s total distance wasn’t too bad but merely a 40.60km in the 45mins time period. That should equate to about 53.80km for the 60mins – which was about 0.65km slower or 45secs slower.


Afterwards I did my shortened version of a weights training session – mainly for building my knees/quads up a little bit more – slowly but surely.


Then to finish off I did a little bit of Foam Rolling on my piriformis muscle, as cramp set in again.

To make me feel very happy with the training over the Christmas break so far – I weighed myself and found that I had lost 1.7kgs so far and still have a week to go.


Home for a hot shower enabled me to have a relaxing afternoon and a little powernap again – getting to like these every day too.

Tea time saw me with a treat – Chicken Tika Bites & chips before I went out for my last training session – a power walk around the 5km running route.

For the past few hours I have been on Twitter sorting out a new #JanuaryChallenge for myself and other colleagues – looking to get fit. What started off as a little chat between a few of us has mushroomed into a group challenge – well done us for motivating others.

With the #DecemberChallenges coming to an end in the next 4 days I am so close to beating both of my targets:

Day 27:

December Challenge 1 = 453000k+ Steps or 91% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 655km or 164% of Target 400km Distance

4 Days left of the Challenge

Tomorrow is exactly 1 year to the day since I sustained my knee injury so I will be looking to take it easy I think – maybe even just do some weights instead!!!


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