Rehabilitation – Day 311

Up and out early this morning with my old training partner – Edgie (Poison Dwarf), as we go for the Widnes Parkrun in the wet & windy cold weather. I wasn’t looking for a great time but just to finish it reasonably placed. Edgie ran off as I was a bit slower than him today – but I don’t mind I will soon start to catch him up with more runs.


I found it a little bit more of a challenge than I expected – both my knees became very stiff in the cold weather and I couldn’t push off the ground with each stride. Not an injury but most definitely was a mental concern during the run. Afterwards it was home and a hot shower, a sneaky powernap on the couch and then lunch.


(This isn’t today’s run – just couldn’t find one to post so I used one from 2 weeks ago.)

I then chilled for a few hours and rested my legs – achy muscles do tend to hurt more when you try to get comfortable on the couch. Evening meal was a good job done – Steak & Chips, which I thoroughly enjoyed cooking & then eating.

I then put all my training presents together to see just how lucky I have been – plus to check what else I may need to buy for the next month. Thanks for them and the clothes too.


Feeling rested I then decided to see if I could up my Steps on the #FitBit again – still need to do a massive number over the next 5 days too.

#‎DecemberChallenges‬ – Day 26:

December Challenge 1 = 433000k+ Steps or 87% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 614km or 154% of Target 400km Distance

5 Days left of the Challenge

To achieve the totals for today I went out and did another 5km Walk – Powerwalk mind you. On returning home it was the Foam Rollers and then a Hot Lobster Bath. Now I am tired again and will be aiming for an earlier night and then a massive push at the gym tomorrow.


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