Rehabilitation – Day 310

#MerryChristmas – today was a lovely chilled day, starting off with breakfast in bed and watching TV.

Then it was a quick snack before going to the cemetery and putting the flowers to the missing family members. This was whilst my Christmas Lunch was cooking and I was having a listen to the Queen’s Speech. I really enjoyed my dinner – lots of veg, roasties & meat.

I celebrated the afternoon with a beer too – way-to-go me!!

A little more TV and a chill on the couch enabled me to have a little festive snooze, which then made me feel guilty for not training/exercising at all today. I then had this bright idea about going for a Christmas 5km walk around one of my local running routes.

Towards the end of the route I had a decision to take … Turn Left and home in 300m or Turn Right and do another 4.64km for more steps. Oh Dear wrong decision, I turned Right – hahahaha and another lap I went.

#DecemberChallenges  #FitBit

Day 25:

December Challenge 1 = 414000k+ Steps or 83% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 596km or 149% of Target 400km Distance

6 Days left to go in the challenges.

Finishing off tonight by doing a little bit of Foam Roller work – just to loosen my leg muscles.



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