Rehabilitation – Day 308

Not a proper Rest Day or Training Day today – I decided to do some more Foam Roller exercises before I went shopping for my own Christmas Treat – a New TV. I was very impressed with my purchase when I eventually managed to set it up at home.


Then it was time to try and catch up with some training tonight – sitting on my exercise bike watching the Darts in comfort – lol.

I don’t have an accurate indication of the distance covered but I cycled for 45mins at a steady pace. So will use the #FitBit data tonight instead of the static bike information.

To finish off I did a little bit more Foam Roller stretches to keep my tightened piriformis muscle a little bit less achy.


Day 22:

Challenge 1 = 365000k+ Steps or 73% of Target 500,000 STEPS

Challenge 2 = 555km or 139% of Target 400km Distance


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