Rehabilitation – Day 306

A little bit of a restless night, mainly due to being over tired I think. This meant I was up a little earlier than I wanted so I ended up watching some TV.

Eventually I got myself in gear to go to the gym and thought about doing more CARDIO again. It was very quiet in the gym, with Dave on duty and only another female member training. I decided to do the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge again, but for only 30mins today. Took the usual slow start of 7km in the first 10mins, which then builds up to the faster pace and longer distances over the time period. I ended up completing 26.40km in the 30mins and felt quite tired again.


I started to get the tightness/cramp feeling in my right buttock again so it was another 15mins of using the Foam Roller – stretching exercises and ABS work.

I am finding this very difficult to target the precise spot of where the cramping takes place – seems to be high up in the buttock, but also deep inside my muscle too. Lots of stretching of the piriformis and hamstring does help for a short period so I think I will be going out to purchase my own Foam Roller tomorrow.

I finished off today’s session with some Leg Work on the Weights. Only 2 exercises to build up my Quads & knee muscles – Leg Press & Knee Extensions. A few sets of light weights and a focus on ensuring the techniques are correct. It had been about 7 weeks since I did any weights and it felt like I hadn’t used them too.

As for my #FitBit December Challenges – I am well into the last stages of  the Challenges and it has been a lot more demanding than even I thought it would be:

Day 20:

December Challenge 1 = 339000k+ Steps or 68% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 537km or 134% of Target 400km Distance

NB:  Only 11 days left to reach Challenge 1 Target – which should be achieved too.

I’m even looking to try and double Challenge 2 Target to 800km.


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