Rehabilitation – Day 305

Lovely lay in this morning and it achieved the desired outcome – a most relaxing night’s sleep. The aches & stiffness of my muscles from yesterday had eased quite a bit, as I slithered out of my bed about 10.15am – and it was daylight too!!

Edi, my elderly neighbour, must have got up early and posted the morning paper through my letterbox – another pleasant surprise too. So breakfast, a cup of tea and a read of the paper just made the start of the day feel so chilled. Eventually I got sorted to go to the gym for today’s training session.

The gym was fairly quiet when I got there, Mark G was on duty, so I had a choice of machines to use. Not having a specific training plan today, I thought that a change would probably be worth a try. The focus again would be on my CARDIO and a fitness test on the Treadmill. (This is the 5.4 speed over 12mins and the increasing incline from 0 to 17.0). Although this isn’t as difficult as I would normally do, the challenge is to keep your HR under 150bpm for as long as you can.


The results for today show my SubMax VO2 was 51.7% and I had a fitness level of – Superior. Not bad for someone recovering from surgery and 54yrs old.


After about 3mins rest and recording my data I then set up the Static Bike (Alpine Pass) Challenge but today was only for 30mins. This was due to the fact that my legs had started to stiffen up again and my right buttock was really tight – a little like the start of cramping up. A few stretches and it was off on my jolly trip in the mountains. 30mins later I had completed the challenge and was 27.04km happier along the route – lol.


That pace/distance only caused my buttock to tighten very quickly after I had finished the ride. I’m sure it is a result of an injury from 2 years ago when I was knocked down and had a trauma injury to my piriformis muscle.  I know how to ease the tightness and any discomfort from this – I use the foam roller and do some simple exercises with it. Today was one of those days that it was needed again. It’s been a while since I last used the foam roller.

After spending about 15mins doing the stretches I felt much better and the pain eased fairly quickly. I finished the session and when home for my Hot Lobster Bath and a little bit of relaxing time this afternoon.



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