Rehabilitation – Day 304

That’s it!!  The end of term and the start of the Christmas 2 weeks holidays and boy do I need it – even though I have only been back to work for 8 weeks (ish)….

So to celebrate my return and the start of the holidays, I went to the gym and decided to do the Static Bike Alpine Pass – Hill Climbing – Challenge again. Dave,  duty PT at the gym, came and had a chat with me, as I was the only remaining person training. It appears to have been the Christmas Party for the majority of the site, and yet I was there – training as usual.


I thought about going for a New PB but after about 20mins I was about 2mins behind my best time, so I thought it was going to be a struggle just to match 52km in the 60mins.

Then it hit me!! My determination to match my best distance or feel like a failure for the rest of the weekend. That was not going to happen either!! I refocused my efforts and increased my pace to regain the time lost and that was enough for me to, not only match my best distance, but also to improve it by near 1km. My New PB is 54.20km in the 60mins time period – now that was a good challenge to succeed in and will most definitely ensure I have a great weekend.


So now I will be enjoying a well deserved rest and a lay in tomorrow morning. The chance for me to recover and relax my aching muscles.



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