Rehabilitation – Day 303

Last of the late nights last night – Christmas Concert. So today was a must go the gym day.

Finished school about 4.20pm today to ensure that I was able to get home in time to go to Alison’s Circuit Training Class – 45mins of hard work was just what I needed to do.

Traffic problems on the way home meant I missed about 5mins of Alison’s class – but that didn’t stop me from working as hard as I could. Alison was laughing at my changing one of the ABS exercises to me doing the Plank instead. (She said I would be on detention next time!!)

To make up for the lost time at the beginning of the session I stayed in the gym for another 30mins on the Static Bike – Hill Climbing Challenge, that is currently my favourite activity to do. I managed to do 26.50km in the 30mins as a means of meeting my target for the day.


Once I had completed the gym work it was time for home and my Hot Lobster Bath again – soothing my aching muscles – legs in particular today.


Lazy Chill having a Lobster Bath

Tomorrow is the last day of term and I can’t wait for the chance of a few extra hours in bed every day. This coupled with 2 weeks of double gym training sessions is something to look forward to and lose weight.


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