Rehabilitation – Day 301

Although yesterday was a rest day from training, I still ended up doing mega steps total. This was due to going to a Inspiral Carpets & Shed Seven gig in Wrexham with Michelle & Jan. This meant a really long & late day and a minimal amount of rest. Today was also a tiring day and we all felt the lack of sleep from yesterday and the tiring long day again today.

I still managed to get a trip to the gym tonight and although I was tired before I even started, I still set out to do attempt another improved effort on the Static Bike.


The Cardio workout tonight was my favourite Static Bike Hill Climbing Challenge – Alpine Pass for 60mins. I managed to do 52.90km tonight, which wasn’t a New PB – but was only 360m short of matching my best so far. (Works out to be about 20secs slower than last week – oh dear!!)

On another note – My December Challenges are going really well and I am on target to complete Challenge 1 within the month and also Challenge 2 within 16 days, as shown below:

  Day 15:
Challenge 1 = 241000k+ Steps or 48% of Target 500,000 STEPS.
Challenge 2 = 388km or 97% of Target 400km Distance.

To finish off with a good note – I weighed myself at the gym on the way out. Despite having a less than healthy weekend, food & alcohol consumption, I have still managed to lose another 1kg over the past week. This has enabled me to meet my weight target and now I have to set another new target until January 2016.


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