Rehabilitation – Day 299

More late nights meant Thursday & Friday ended up being forced ‘Rest Days’. That just left me with the #ParkRun yesterday – in the wind, rain and chilly temperatures. Edgie, Myself & Kiara (his daughter) braved the morning climatic problems and completed the 5km run – time wasn’t anything special but the completion was.


As you can see from the photo it wasn’t the best of mornings and didn’t particularly improve either. We did our best and that is all that mattered.

For the rest of the day it was a pleasant surprise for me to enjoy a Christmas Drink in Liverpool with a few friends – my first consumption of alcohol since February of this year. I eventually remembered why I don’t particularly like beer and was suffering this morning.

Today was the traditional #SantaDash run for Charity and a 4km route – but this year it was around the same course as yesterday’s #ParkRun – but had many more people involved – looked like 700-800 Santa Dressed Runners/Walkers etc …

After I got home I enjoyed a really hot shower to bring some feeling back into my fingers & toes. I managed to grab an hour doze on the couch before having to get myself sorted for work tomorrow.


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