Rehabilitation – ~Days 292

Good lay in again this morning and it was needed, eventhough I didn’t actually do any training yesterday. I still went to bed early-ish and felt quite good this morning.

I did my usual Sunday routine – up and out for the morning paper and read it whilst having breakfast. I enjoy this every Sunday morning.

Then it was a trip to the gym for a targeted Cardio session and an attempt to gain a New PB at the same time.

The STATIC BIKE – Alpine Pass Challenge on Level 6 is a difficult one in its own right but to do it for 60mins non-stop was going to be the main goal today. (Usually I attempt this in 20mins periods and have a short break in between 40mins & 60mins – but not today!!)


My session began as usual with the RPM constant at 115-120 for the first 20mins and then I started to increase it to 125-130 RPM for the next 20mins. Finally I upped the pace to 135+ RPM for the last 20mins and I felt the pain in my thighs and knees – mainly stiffness in the knees through the air conditioning blowing cold air in the gym.


Blowing my Lungs out again.

My 60mins session = 50.40km to give me a New PB (previously set at 49.8km with a 1 minute rest.) I then did a 4mins Cool Down on Level 5, covering another 3km. So I am recording 53.4km as today’s achievement and feeling proud of the results today.


Hot Lobster Bath was the best way of celebrating today’s efforts and I even made myself 2 x Southern Fried Chicken Baps, as a healthier option for a late lunch. Time to settle down and chill watching the football and recovering from the aches & stiffness.


Lazy Chill having a Lobster Bath


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