Rehabilitation – Day 291

Just one of those days that I really hate…….  A ‘REST DAY’ !!

Spent the first part of the morning having a lay in and catching up with some much needed sleep. A restless night meant lots of time in bed but not much sleep. According to my #FitBit – I had 16 x Restless periods over 9 hours. Don’t think that is a good sleep.


The plan for today was to sort out the punctured tyre by getting a replacement and then a trip to Preston on a visit. The car got sorted but the Preston trip had to be cancelled because of the ‘RED’ Weather Warning, High Winds and Pouring down rain causing floods up there.

That just left me with an afternoon of further stuck in doors and deciding when ‘NOT’ to start my marking/planning. I hate days like this.


Training became just my usual walking around the house and recording my STEPS to continue my DECEMBER Challenges – so that’s a really low score today.


Tomorrow though – that will be different!! I will be going for another 50km+ training session on the Static Bike and ensuring I’m still ahead of the Challenge Targets.



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