Rehabilitation – Day 287

Today is the start of my FitBit December Challenges:

December Challenge 1 – To complete 500,000 STEPS in the month

December Challenge 2 – To complete 400km DISTANCE in the month.

After working a fairly busy day at school I managed to get to the gym around 5.30pm tonight and looked at doing the challenges – mainly on the STATIC BIKE for Challenge 2. I used the Alpine Pass setting on Level 6 today.


My result are as follows:

December Challenge 1 = 20k+ Steps or 4% of Target 500,000 STEPS

December Challenge 2 = 52.3km or 13% of Target 400km Distance


Now that has really pleased me and I feel that I have achieved something today. I could well achieve the Targets much more quickly than I have set myself – will just have to aim higher then.

Now I’m just tired and having a chilled few hours before bed.


Shattered after training


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