Rehabilitation – Day 286

WOW!! Is the only thing I can say about today’s training, efforts & results….

I tried to leave school early enough to get an early start at the gym, but wasn’t able to get out as planned. So I did my usual trick of revising my training plans as I drove home. I was going to adapt my intended run to go to the METAFIT Class instead.

When I got to the gym I had about 20mins before the METAFIT Class started so I decided to do the Treadmill Fitness Test and see if I was able to improve my previous results.

The 12mins, 5.4 paced, gradual increased incline was a lot easier tonight than I expected and I kept my heart rate to under 145 BPM – which was fairly good too. The incline reached 17.0 and I completed the Test without any problems.

Results:   My Sub Max VO2 was 52.7%  – with my Fitness Level being SUPERIOR. I was very pleased with that too. Not bad for a 54yr old man.


After a quick drink of water it was time for me to go straight in to the METAFIT Class, with Mark G the Instructor. He is aware of my lack of spring/jump power in my knees at the moment and allows me to adapt some of the exercises that need that ‘Power’ impact. (It’s the only thing he let’s me get away with – still motivates me not to stop or give up.


On a funnier note, I was improving my Squats & Lunges to be deeper and longer, when the most embarrassing thing happened to me. I split the backside of my shorts and had to stay at the back of the class until the end of the session. It didn’t stop me from continuing the class – just prevented me from turning around during some of the exercises – LOL!!

To finish off my day’s achievements I used the gym scales to see if I had managed to lost any weight over the past 2 weeks. To my most pleasing surprise I had. I was now 106kgs which was a weight loss of 9.5kgs in 5 weeks – really impressed and can now get into trouses 2 sizes smaller than when I first started training.


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