Rehabilitation – Day 285

Have had a very productive day today and managed to get myself a new training gadget – an Exercise Bike. Nothing too technical but enough for me to just sit and cycle whilst watching TV if I don’t manage to get to the gym in time.


All I now need to do is construct the Cross Trainer I bought 9 months ago but wasn’t allowed to use whilst I was recovering from surgery.

Today was also a test of my fitness levels and my first football match to Referee in 53weeks. I attended the ground an hour earlier than usual and decided to do a little bit of a warm up – a few laps around the pitch before everyone else got there and had a giggle at my warm up.

The match it self was fairly fast, very competitive – credit to both teams, but was definitely influenced by the strong winds in each half. All one way in the 1st half and then again in the 2nd half. The game finished 4 – 3 to the Visitors and I enjoyed the run out for me. I clocked up over 17k+ STEPS during the game – which is about 12.80km distance. I was also complimented by both sets of Club Officials for handling the game well – considering it was my first game back.

So for the rest of tonight I will be relaxing in my Hot Lobster Bath and hoping that my muscles don’t ache too much in the morning. I am really pleased with the day and hope now to build further on it this coming week.


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