Rehabilitation – Day 284

Well so much for carrying on with the really positive approach to training this week – after a good start. It all went downhill from Tuesday, with long and late days being the problem all week.

Today, Saturday, I woke up thinking I was getting up for a #ParkRun – but that didn’t materialise either, as I didn’t set my alarm for the correct time. Now I’m thinking that I did it on purpose – or not?? Forced #RestDays are not good for me – I get so frustrated at missing my daily exercising.


So after missing the run I have had a lot of chores to catch up with and that prevented me from going the gym too. (No real excuse but the truth.) So it’s time to rely on my FitBit to keep my STEPS reasonably high and on the minimum 10k Target per day.

I might just settle in for the night early because of the weather and have a Hot Lobster Bath for the first time this week. Maybe it will relax my aches & pains from the week, ready for tomorrow’s Refereeing – which I am looking forward to doing. The only doubt about it is due to the weather conditions at the current time – Wind, Rain & Chill Temperatures.




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