Rehabilitation – Day 279

#‎TheRefereeIsBack‬ – my 1st match to officiate in 12 months is this weekend in the WPL. Really looking forward to doing it – WPL League Cup Tie.

This is a pleasant surprise for me to get today – makes the wait & recovery worth while again.


Gym today included the following:

Treadmill 1  =  3km run in 19mins 10secs – which averaged out as 6mins 23secs per km. (Pace was from 9.0 to 10.5)


Static Bike  =  20mins on a Hill Climbing Challenge and I managed 16.20km on Level 6


Treadmill 2  =  a further 2km  in 11mins 53secs – with the last km being a 5mins 23secs sprint. (Pace was from 9.5 to 11.0)


I am feeling rather pleased with my self today and I hope it carries on for the rest of the week too.


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