Rehabilitation – 277

#Parkrun today in the chilly, cold, freezing, arctic windy morning. Couldn’t feel my toes even before the run started and it just got colder and colder. However, these things are set to cause you mental traumas and give you excuses not to do the run – they failed and my mind was stronger – JUST!!!



Since getting the all clear to train from the Consultant last week I have managed to do two 5km runs this week – this being the 2nd one. I am steadily improving both my time and my distance as each week goes by. This week’s target time to beat was 37mins 10secs for 5km and I know I can do better.

Today’s Parkrun was the first time I had done this course and I was told it was one of the flatter courses in the area. (That sounded good to me too!!) So my training buddy ‘Edgie’ was volunteering on the course this morning, so it was a good opportunity to test myself – plus he took the photos for me as proof of my achievements – what ever they were.

During the journey to the event Edgie was telling me about the times of some of the leading runners and that the course record was around the 17mins mark – that was very worrying for me and I was beginning to think I had made a mistake agreeing to do it. So in my mind I decided to set my self some small targets to aim for during the 3.5 laps and my main goal was to beat 37mins 10secs.

I started off at the back of the group and let everyone burst into life ahead of me and then aimed to pick off the other runners one by one – that was the 1st target.

The next target was to not be lapped on the 1st lap and to see how far I could go without being caught – I managed to do just under 1.5 laps before getting caught by the 2 leaders.

Once I had been caught I then changed my target to complete 2 laps without being over taken by too many others – I did this too and was only overtake by about 12 runners in total, as I finished the 2nd lap.

The 3rd lap wasn’t anything special for me, as no one overtook me from this point onwards. I still managed to pick off some of the other runners one by one but was in the ‘Grey Area’ of runners – those in front of my where just too fast for me and those behind me too slow to trouble me.

The last 1/2 lap was my own personal challenge and the mental challenge most recovering trainers go through – the one that has you doubting that you can go on or that you are actually doing better than you think. I don’t look at my times when I run, I try to judge my times from experience. I managed to overtake the closest running in front of me before the end of the run and still finished with a smile on my face – more through relief though I think!!

Edgie – My official photographer was there shouting and encouraging me to improve – ‘Come on broken you can go faster you lazy bleeder’ and other similar terms of endearment. As I cross the finish line I looked at my #FitBit timing. I had completed the 5km in under 33mins according to my calculations, which is unofficial but still an amazing 4mins knocked off this week’s best time. I will await to see my official time when they publish it on the #Parkrun Site later.

The journey home was a big buzz and I’m sure Edgie was having a ‘Selective Deafness’ to our conversation as all I did was re-run the course and my goals. Plus the ‘I could have done better really’ part of the relief that I had completed the run.

Home and a really hot cup of tea was the first thing I wanted when I finally got to my house – never enjoyed a cup of tea so much too. Now looking forward to next week’s #Parkrun.

*UPDATE* –  My Official Time for today’s run was 31mins 43secs  – which means I knocked 5mins 27secs off my previous best this week.



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