Rehabilitaion – Day 275

As usual it has been too busy to go the gym or train for the past 2 days – but hey ho I will survive and train even harder when I do get the chance.

Tonight it was an earlier shoot from school and my 1st trip to the gym this week. Derek & I had a little warm up session on the treadmill prior to Alison’s Circuit Training Class. For me it was a 2 minute warmup and then straight into a 1km sprint – trying to increase my speed and reduce my distance times.

Last time I did this I only managed to do the 1km sprint in 7mins 48secs – 2 weeks ago – but tonight it was much improved to 6mins 10secs – without actually killing myself doing it.


Then it was Alison’s circuit class – 45mins of quite hard exercises of varying levels of difficulty for the others – then the even harder/heavier weights being introduced for me – lol. Derek and I had a right old giggle – at THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO – private joke but really funny. We both got told off by Alison for not taking her class serious enough, even though we did every exercise and degree of difficulty. (OK Mr Tracey!!)

The weekend looks like I’m going to do a #Parkrun with Edgie and an attempt at improving my 5km time – aiming to get it under 37mins if I can!!




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