Rehabilitation – Day 272

After all the excitement on Friday and the amazing news I received I did the only thing left for me to do – I had a weekend off…. yes you heard it – a whole weekend off to myself. Even more of a shock – I celebrated my birthday by having two beers too.  Oh the dangers of being a rebel!!

So that just left me with what to do today – gym or road run?

I text my mate PD (Edgie) and asked if he wanted to go for a road run again tonight – seen as he is supposed to be my ‘long lost training buddy’ and he said ok.

So off we went for a different run route – mainly flat but still had a gentle long rise before hitting a short section of a steeper climb. The distance was also slightly longer than last week so I was hoping to improve my time again. Tonight I managed 37mins 10secs – a little faster than last week but never the less an improvement of 15secs and a few 100m longer – so I’m pleased.

On another positive note – the 1st km and 2nd km where sub 7mins 20secs each. However the 3rd km was the slight rise and I managed 7mins 47secs for that one. The 4th km was 7mins 25secs and the 5th km was 7mins 04secs to finish off.


So the end of tonight’s session was the usual Hot Lobster Bath to relax my aching leg muscles. I do actually feel much better this week after the run and that is a good sign for me. I will sleep well tonight when I go to bed in a bit, but will be a happy chap too.


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