Rehabilitation – Day 269


Well what can I say about yesterday and my double celebration – other than it was a good day and a new chapter in my life too.

First of all I celebrated my 54th Birthday and had a great day – I even bought 200+ little cakes and shared them with all the children in my school. (Tradition of getting birthday cake off some of the children so I bought them all a cake each.) That then led to my enjoying 2 beers in a very long time – many many months whilst watching sport on TV. Many thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes too.

That just rounded off my day really positively, as I had earlier attended what could be my last Consultant’s appointment about my knee. I was feeling extremely nervous about it too. The Consultant was pleased to see me walking into his appointment and make the comment that I was looking really fit and health. I told him I was feeling good and had been working hard at the physio exercises and had also focused on my Cardio too.

After a quick chat and the usual examination of my knee – the bending, twisting and stretching of the joint, the Consultant told me he was impressed at the progress I had made. He then advised me I could be ready to start my training routines again if I felt up to it – lol. At this point I then explained that today was #Day123 since the surgery and that I had been running 1km+ on the treadmill from #Day80 and for 5km road running since #Day110. I also identified that I had been attending circuit training classes & bumped my training up to include METAFIT last week.

A silence came across the room, as the Consultant pondered his response to the information I had just told him. He looked through his notes in my medical records and then smiled. ‘Ha’ was his response…  ‘That’s right I have to tell you what NOT to do’ he stated as a smile came across his face. I just smiled back and nodded sheepishly at him. He then closed my medical records and looked at me as he held out his hand in my direction. ‘Well Mike I must admit your recovery has been Remarkable …  and I can’t remember ever having had a patient recover so quickly from your type of surgery – well done’.  He then shook hands with me and said I didn’t need to have any further treatment and wished me well in my sporting activities in the future.

I was being set free to do some proper training now and it felt amazingly good. I can honestly say that the past 320 days since I sustained my injury have, at times been a nightmare and a frustrating time in my life. But know I can start a new chapter in my life, looking forward to more events and achieving new goals too.

Before I left the Consultant I asked about purchasing copies of the MRI images of my knee – showing the injury – before & after the surgery. The reason for this was to enable me to frame the image and hang it on my wall, as a reminder of the most difficult physical challenge I have had to endure & overcome in my life. I will have to contact the hospital about this and it should not be a problem.

The only issue left for me to decide on now is whether or not I continue with this blog in the present form, as I have officially completed my ‘Recovery’ and the journey has ended. I have enjoyed blogging my journey over the year and have had a few giggles at some of the entries I made. I have also recalled some of the difficulties I had to overcome too and don’t particularly want to experience them again.



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