Rehabilitation – Day 265

Good night’s sleep last night so felt like I had more energy today than normal, so wanted to make use of this in the gym tonight.

CARDIO session tonight and I thought I would look for a New PB or 2 if I could.


First it was the Treadmill Fitness Test – 12 minutes walking on an increasing incline. Pace is set at 5.8 and steadily increases the gradient from 0.0 through to 17.0 over the period. My previous highest Sub Max VO2 was 51.6% about 3 weeks ago so that was the target. At the conclusion of the test tonight I improved the Sub Max VO2 up to 55.2% – an increase of 3.6% and New PB No1.


Next was the Static Bike – Alpine Pass challenge – a 20mins Hill Climbing at Level 5 but still a hard enough one to compete. I managed to achieve 13.18km in the time period but have done slightly better on a previous occasion.


The final Challenge for me was the Cross Trainer – a 12 minutes Speed & Distance activity that made me work hard.  The distance covered target was aimed at 4.20km or better. I managed to complete 4.60km in the time period – New PB No2

Now it is time to chill and relax in my favourite Hot Lobster Bath – with the bubbles that soothe the muscle aches & pains.


Time for an early night and a good night’s sleep too.


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