Rehabilitation – Day 264

After a busy weekend doing only school work and physio exercises only. I was shattered and need another week off to recover.

Tonight I went to the gym and met up with Derek & Dawn just before they finished their own session – so we took Dawn for her 1st ever run – only one lap around the gym roads which is about 900m. She did amazing and stuck to our one rule ‘Don’t Stop Running’ – you can slow down as much as you want but can’t stop running. We did a few weight reps on the PEC DEC and some Wall Squats and arms out in front.


When they left the gym I did a short warm up on the Static Bike – the Alpine Pass – 8 mins and a distance of 6.46km on Level 5 and then I was ready for the ‘Next Challenge’ in my recovery – METAFIT Class with Mark G.  The last time I did a Metafit class was 12 months ago and I found that hard then. Tonight I was feeling physically sick before doing the VENUM session.

This was only 30mins in duration but felt like it was never going to end. I was struggling with some of the leg exercises – Burpees/High Knee Jumps but I didn’t stop doing them I adapted them to continue.


When it was all over I was physically shaking and my legs kept on twitching with the muscle spasms I was getting. Mark G & Alison just laughed at me because I was being a big wuss and moaning about being very tired.

A Hot Lobster Bath was the best outcome of today’s efforts – a nice 30mins relaxing soak.



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