Rehabilitation – Day 262

After my 1st 5km road run a few days ago I have only managed to get to the gym once to train properly. That was on Wednesday evening after school and long days on my feet. I didn’t realise that I would be so tired just teaching but it certainly has drained me more than I expected.

Shattered after 3 training sessions today

Shattered after training


Wednesday night was doing my bit on the Static Bike and hill climbing on the Alpine Pass route – 30mins and a 24.65km later I was shattered again. Jody was on training too and she was just laughing at my efforts – said I was crazy. She works hard too but is getting fed up with her results. I suggested that she changes her routine and look for a new challenge. I also did the Cross Trainer and met my target for the distance I expected to achieve in the 12mins sprint – 4.30km. An earlier night than usual for me meant I could get home and chill by watching some sport on TV before bed.

index0000 reebok-pure-cross-trainer

Thursday and Friday ended up having late meetings in school and even later getting home. I just had to use them as non gym days, but still managed to do some exercises at home and walking around my area to keep up my daily STEPS of 15k/20k per day. I even managed to win this week’s FitBit Challenge again – that’s 3 challenges out of 3 I have won. An early night in bed had resulted in a good amount of sleep and catching up with an opportunity to recharge my batteries again today. Home exercises & walking around the area will keep my STEPS ticking over, as I participate in the Weekend Challenge too.


For the rest of today I will be focusing on just doing the physio exercises for strengthening my knee and improving my endurance & mobility.



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