Rehabilitation – Day 258

Under Amour gives you Muscles!!!

Under Amour gives you Muscles!!!

I ended up having another ‘Rest Day’ on Sunday – feeling a lot more tired than I had expected, meant my body telling me to rest & relax a little bit more. So I did!!

Yesterday was a long day in school – my first full day in 4 months. Standing on my feet all day and walking around the classroom/school ended up taking more out of me than I cared to admit to the HT. I did manage to have a proper lunchbreak and an opportunity to have 30 minutes sit down and chat.

After school I went to the gym and briefly met Derek for a quick chat. He had trained earlier than me as I was late out of school. So when he left the gym I stayed and did my Power Walking on the Treadmill – 7km in 75mins, followed by a 1km run in 6mins 48secs again. That was more than enough for me so I went home and had a hot shower and an early night in bed – ish!!

This morning I woke up after about 9hrs sleep, which only felt like 5mins. Sorted myself out ready for school and off I set. School was a long day again today and I felt just as tired again by the end of the day. I wasn’t feeling up to going to the gym whilst driving home so I asked my old running buddy – Edgie, if he fancied a Walky/Run around one of our road running circuits. Pleasantly enough to my surprise he was off work and agreed to come with me.

Before we left my house I explained that I was hoping to run abit and if necessary walk abit because it would be my first proper run in 11 months. We decided to do the 5km routine and agreed that I could take as long as I wanted – but not to try to do too much too soon. I completed the 5km road run in 37mins 25secs and am really chuffed with myself.

#Day113 after surgery and I am able to run 5km in a reasonable time – #WellImpressedCRr1VsbU8AEeTSW


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