Rehabilitation – Day 255

Rest Day – comes and goes once a week.

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I know that they are a necessary evil but it really messes with your head that you have not trained. Looking at my FitBit data for today makes me feel like I have not achieved anything what so ever today – only a few 1000’s steps, calories, a couple of floors and km in distance. My food intake is as normal but my burnt off calories are minimal.

It all started with a long lay in bed and a chilled breakfast watching TV. The early kick off of the football match meant that I had no choice but to take the ‘Rest Day’ or just miss the game – Not a chance!! So now that the gym has closed and the Rugby World Cup Final is on, I will have to go for a little casual walk later, trying to use the exercise as a form of gentle stretching.

I weighed myself earlier too – lost 4.5kg over the past 4 weeks and I was pleased – sort of. At least I hadn’t put any weight on and am now 109kg. Still got 14kg to lose over the next few months – easy!!

A few facts for data:

Today is #Day109 since surgery

#Day308 since sustaining the injury

#Day48 since starting training again

#Day80 when started running again


I start back at school in two days so I am ready to get back into my usual routine – Sleep – Work – Train – Sleep – repeat.


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