Rehabilitation – Day 254

Wow what a fantastic week of training that I have managed to achieve so far. After the 3 sessions on Monday I have continued to do double sessions each day and recorded the results on my BitFit & NIKE+. In 4 days I have managed to do 81,000+ STEPS and about 50km+ distance on top of my other Cardio workouts.


This has enabled me to win the Challenges & Badges between myself and other FitBit users in the group. My use of the FitBit as a form of motivation has seen me going for a late night walk around my area – 1km/1.5km just to make sure I add additional STEPS/Distance to stay top/2nd of the challenges. (I dont like not winning and being competitive is also a good for of self achievement too.)

My other Cardio challenges have included using the Static Bike for the Alpine Pass Hill challenge – working from around 13km – 17.86km in a 20mins period on Level 5. The higher results being more recently.


Similarly on the Cross Trainer I have great results too – a 12 mins challenge and achieving between 3.6km – 4.4km on Level 5. The hardest part is keeping my balance during this activity because I need to transfer my weight from on foot to the other at speed.


The Rowing machine is more of an easier challenge – with the aim being just to complete the 1km distance in 5mins – so not trying to improve the speed but increase the resistance – currently Level 6.


Alison’s Circuit Training Class last night was much harder than I had expected and was great to do. I struggled with some of the impact exercises on my knees – SKI JUMPS, HIGH KNEES & JACK JUMPS. However, i still did a similar exercise instead so not to miss out on the efforts involved – WALL SQUATS with a weight, HIGH KNEES slower holding on to the wall & MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS.

For the rest of the time I have completed the Treadmill Fitness Test – walking for 12mins at increased resistances, a couple of times and improved my V)2 Sub Max to 51.6% – a slight increase of 1.7% in about 10 days.


In addition to this but also part of my FitBit results, I have been doing Power Walking on the Treadmill every session – to increase my stamina and endurance. My shins, quads and calves have all ached significantly after each session so I know I am working hard. The times average out to around 10mins per 1km – even though I start off at 5.4 pace and increase up to 7.5 to end on. (I have managed a 10km effort in 100mins at my best long distance. But more likely around 4km – 6km each session.) I even manage to do short bursts of running – around 500m to 1km up to 11.0 speed/pace.


Today – Friday, is going to be a slightly easier day at the gym as I am feeling much stiffer and a tightness in my quads than usual. My knees are quite stiff which means that I need to do some stretches today, rather than focusing on my stamina. If I get the stiffness/tightness out early enough then I can increase my efforts – hopefully!!

On a slightly different note, the late night walk around my area isn’t only to increase my data on the FitBit, but also to do a cool down before I settle down for the night. It is quite a good way to relax after a hard set of training sessions.`

I focused on the treadmill again tonight – looking at completing 90mins power walking again. I managed to do 8.56km in total – varying the pace from 5.4 to 6.0. Although this wasn’t as fast as I could go my aim was to complete the time period. This is because I am aiming to start football refereeing again in a few weeks time and need to know if I have the stamina/endurance. The speed will improve over time and I can be more confident twisting and turning during the game. So for now – TIME is important for me.


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