Rehabilitation – Day 250

Up and out early this morning to visit my favourite medical expert – the Psycho Terrorist and her Bootcamp. I did the usual exercises that she sets the group and right on queue she started to make mine more difficult to do. To be fair the hour goes fairly quickly and I do actually enjoy doing the challenges more than the exercises. Today was my last bootcamp session and I finished it with a good effort again. Now it is just down to me to improve further by continuing the exercises and doing them in the gym too. I even beat my STEPS target before 10.00am so I knew I was on for another high set of results on both my FitBit and my NIKE+


After the physio class I went and did my own cardio exercise on the treadmill. I did a 6km Power Walk on the treadmill and varied the pace from 5.4 to 7.5 for an improved time per 1km. I completed the 6km in 61mins 36secs, which I thought wasn’t too bad today. The FitBit data is sky rocketing again during this session.


Tonight’s 3rd session was with Derek in the gym again, focusing on the UPPER BODY weights and trying to increase our number of sets. I did a Power Walk warm up on the treadmill again and found that I can improve my walking pace to bring my 1km time down from 11mins to under 9mins quite quickly. Some of the exercises that we do are meant to be building up our strength with heavier weights – Derek just laughs at me because I keep sneaking extra weights on him.

After I had my evening meal it was time for my last daily routine exercise – a walk around my area to get me ready to chill. It’s a little short of 1km but I still enjoy doing it and it just tops up the totals being monitored by the FitBit.

Today’s Data:

STEPS – 21,664



DISTANCE – 16.95km

That is a total of 53000+ STEPS in 3 days.

Shattered after 3 training sessions today

Shattered after 3 training
sessions today


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