Rehabilitation – Day 249


Today was all about endurance and stamina to see what my limitations are. I focused on the treadmill for power walking and to see if I could increase the pace the longer I went on. Varying the speed from 5.4 through to 7.5 at the end enabled me to improve my cardio too.


Dave, from the gym, came and had a motivational chat during the session – to get me to focus more on keeping the different paces and not to easy up – Thanks Dave.

I achieved over 20,000 steps today and completed more than 13km distance on my FitBit. A  big thanks must go to Jenna, Theresa & Sarah for their competitive challenge in the ‘Weekend Warrior’ they invited me to join. Being as competitive as I am I kept watching their results to ensure I stayed a head of them – even doing the Cross Trainer whilst watching the F1 motor racing on TV. I earned a number of ‘Badges’ today for the achievements that I recorded on the Fitbit. My NIKE+ also recorded the usual data and I was able to beat my previous bests over the weekend too.


For the rest of the night I am going to rest – really deserve it too. An early night ready for tomorrow’s visit to the Psycho Terrorist Bootcamp at the hospital.



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