Rehabilitation – Day 248

Yesterday was a ‘Rest Day’ from the gym as it was my 1st day back at school in 4 months. The children had a pleasant time seeing me – I think (lol) and I set them lots of homework to do during their week off for 1/2 term. My colleagues appeared to be happy to see me back and we had a good chat about the things I’d missed.  After work I went out for tea with Jan & Hannah and we put the world to rights in a more relaxed environment. By the time I got home I was really tired and enjoyed chilling on the couch and watching some TV for a few hours.

Now because I was so pleased with my own recovery over the past 3 months, since surgery – I decided to buy myself a FITBIT Charge to monitor my training data. Not that I needed one as I already had the NIKE+ Fuel Band. I spent a little time registering the FITBIT band on my phone and computer before a night of rest and comfort in bed.

000444555 Nike+Band

This morning I got myself up and prepared for a session in the gym using both my FITBIT & my NIKE+ to make a comparison of them both. To be honest I looked a bit Bangley and over kill.

So today’s challenges included the following:

Treadmill Fitness Test – 12mins walking on an ever increasing incline. The aim is to keep your HR below 150bpm.  I passed the test and recorded a VO2 sub max of 51.5%, rated as Superior Fitness and attained a level of 17.0 incline. This was a very pleasing result.


Next was the Static Bike – using the Alpine Pass Challenge I completed 23.5km in 30mins on Level 5. This was really hard and made my Cardio suffer.


Then is was the Cross Trainer – a 12mins speed challenge on Level 3 and I achieved 4.70km    (1km = 2mins 46sec   2km = 5mins 20secs    3km = 7mins 50secs   4km = 10mins 20secs and then 4,70km in 12mins.)


Another time challenge was on the Rowing Machine – I did a steady pace of 5mins for 1km at Level 6.


Finally I completed my session on the Treadmill again – doing 1km speed walking in 9mins 13secs.


Now all this Cardio was a good challenge today and I am suffering now with tight and aching leg muscles. My knees are slightly stiff but that is nothing that a Hot Lobster Bath with ease quickly. For the rest of the day I will be doing my physio exercises and stretches and then a much earned chill again tonight, ready for another similar session in the gym tomorrow.


Never give up until you finish.

Never give up until you finish.


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