Rehabilitation – Day 246

A much needed extra hour in bed today after a long day yesterday. First time I had done some of my normal working day – 1/2 day back at school, so it was tiring before I even started to do my training too. Both my knees felt stiff and a little bit cold, which usually means I need to do a lot more stretching before getting out of bed. My quads, hamstrings and calf muscles are totally tight because of the amount of training I have done focusing on my legs. Although it is a soreness that is getting easier, it is a great sign of my improvements. (A few weeks ago I was only doing a few km distance on the static bike, whereas now I’m up to 34km+ of Hill Climbing.)

Home exercises completed and the usual effort to improve my mobility put into doing them.

Tonight was Alison’s Circuit Class again and she didn’t make it any easier for us all. I’m sure she enjoys inflicting pain and suffering a little bit too much. Felt really tired after her session which is also good.

Blowing my Lungs out again.

Blowing my Lungs out again.

Shattered after 90mins training

Shattered after 45mins training


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