Rehabilitation – Day 245

Yeah I had 1/2 a day back at school today!!! Afterwards I came home and prepared myself for another challenge in the gym.

I decided that I would try and have a go at a road run – short one but still a run. I managed to run 1.5km around the gym roads and felt really pleased with myself. Although it took 11mins 30secs to complete and my knees felt cold and stiff, I was extremely happy with my efforts.


Back inside the gym I did 30 minutes on the Static Bike and managed 22.50km of Hill Climbing. That wasn’t easy either as I had to keep up with Jody’s pace on the static bike next to mine. She works hard but I’m too competitive to let her beat me though!!


The Rowing Machine was a good result too reaching 1020m in 5mins, at a steady pace.


I finished off with my physio exercises and a few extra sets of the Sit to Stand exercise.



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