rehabilitation – Day 244

Last lay-in before an early return to work. going on a 1/2 day course tomorrow morning, so i have missed an morning session in the gym today.

Today is #Day105 since surgery & #Day304 since I first sustained the injury. I have been able to do some short runs over the past 25 days and I am gradually getting more stamina in my legs. Cardio is improving because of my efforts on the treadmill, cross trainer, static bike & rowing machine too. My physio exercises have most definitely been the biggest improvement for me – with the Sit to Stand exercise gaining the best results in 3 weeks.


Decided to do more Cardio again – on the Static Bike. Did 30mins speed time trial on Level 5 and then a further 30mins on the Alpine Pass setting – on level 7 – 10. In total I cycled over 34.75km in an hour and I felt it afterwards.


But No Pain No Gain as they say, so I cooled down by doing 5mins on the Rowing Machine – steady pace (even if not actually a cool down pace.)


Now it is just time to chill after my Hot Lobster Bath and a protein shake. The best part of the day is not long away – a good night’s sleep.


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