Rehabilitation – Day 243

Up and at them early this morning as I went to the physio Bootcamp and just had a blast with the Lady Physio. She didn’t believe in holding back either during the different exercises. Each and every time I did a new exercise she made it just that little bit harder, adding lower squats, more wobble pads for balance, deeper lunges, faster on the rower & treadmill or just heavier weights on the knee extension/leg press. In fact on the treadmill she encouraged (made) me to increase the pace/speed from 7.5 to 10.0 for the 2 minutes  duration. That did cause my heart rate to increase significantly – lol.p_625T_1

For the remainder of the Bootcamp I was just double checking to see if the other patients were getting the same encouragement as I was – nah they couldn’t do the exercises at the same level as I was doing. Although it was much harder today, I most definitely did enjoy it too.

I had that ‘ROCKY’ feeling afterwards too…..


Tonight I was at the gym and did the same physio exercises again. But the focus afterwards was to improve my CARDIO –  Treadmill, Static Bike, Cross Trainer, Rowing Machine and Treadmill again. Sounds alot but it wasn’t too much, though I was tired afterwards again. My NIKE+ Fuel Band indicated that I met my Target at 6.50pm, so everything else is a bonus towards my data.


By the time I go to be I hope to reach 8000+ Steps and over 3000 Fuel – maybe I can win extra hours on the data by achieving them?


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